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Frequently Asked Questions

I'm sure you have tons of questions and concerns. I hope this list will help answers most of them.

I'm just a text or a call away if you need answers to your unique questions.

  • What is your photographic style?
    My style is 70% photojournalistic and 30% traditional. Which means I focus more on capturing the moments and emotions on your big day with minimal interuptions (wedding story telling approach). The 30% traditional is for the "classic shots", family photos and the photos that your parents and grandparents would ask for.
  • What is your editing style?
    My editing style is Bright and Airy, balanced with saturation and cleanliness without looking too soft and blown out. I have tried many different styles of shooting and editing. From classic style to moody film style to bright and airy style. I found that wedding is a joyful event, so when you look back at those memories and moments, the bright and airy style will be more likely to bright those joyful memories back rather than moody, dramatic styled photos.
  • Do you have a second photographer on the wedding day?
    Many photographers would charge you for adding a second photographer. For me, I always have a second photographer with me, and it's included in my price. There are many reasons for this, first, s/he served as a photographer for instance that I can't be at 2 places at the same time. Second, s/he will help me cover or lend me equipments if my any of my equipments fails. S/he will be my lighting assitant when I need to be creative, and the list goes on...
  • Do you provide wedding videography or cinematography?
    I am currently focusing mainly on photography. If you're looking for cinematography, check out for his amazing work.
  • Would you pose us or show us how to pose?
    I will pose and show you how to pose with your pre-wedding photos, portraits and family photos. You'd save time on your wedding day if you book an engagement shoot, I usually show couples how to pose to look their best during the engagement session. Of course if time allows, I'd show you on your wedding day. For most parts of your wedding day, I would love to have you enjoy your moments without interuptions, so I will only do minimal posing.
  • Do you have insurance?
    Yes, I have general liability insurance which will covers many things such as a guest trips over my light stand and get injured, or if my equipments accidentally damage the venue, etc...
  • What happens if your camera or memory cards fail?
    I always have 2 camera bodies with me, and my second photographer will have 1-2 cameras, in case one camera fails, we have 2-3 other back-up cameras. Each camera that we use will write on 2 memory cards with one back up to the other one. So if one card fails, we have the other one to back up.
  • How far in advance should we book you?
    I recommend reserving your wedding date as soon as you decide that I’m the right wedding photographer for you. Booking early has the benefit of providing you with the ease of mind of having secured your preferred photographer, which means that you’ll have one less thing to worry about.
  • How many photos do you usually deliver?
    I prefer quality over quality, I usually turn around 50-70 photos per hour coverage. If you have a big family and will have many family photos taken then this number will go up.
  • Do you give us the rights to use our photo?
    Yes, you will get all the rights to use your photos for printing and for personal use on any platforms. Please contact us for commercial use.
  • Do you edit all of the photos delivered?
    Yes, all of the photos being delivered to customers are professionally edited, from lighting, to toning, white balance, etc...
  • Can we get the RAW files?
    Yes, you have an option to purchase the raw files. However, please keep in mind that the raw image files are unedited and will look very different delivered JPEGs and prints. Raw image files are provided “as-is” and with absolutely no support nor guarantees, technical or otherwise.
  • How long after the wedding should we expect to receive the photos and albums?
    Please allow 4-6 weeks for photos to be delivered. As for albums, that depends on the complexity of the package, which ranges from 2 to 3 months.
  • How do we select photos for album printing or do you select them for us?
    I will provide you with a soft proof featuring artist picks, i.e., the selection of the images I believe best represent the documentary narrative of your wedding day. My initial design is by no means the final decision; it is meant to save you the time and headache of designing an album from scratch. You are encouraged to make any suggestions such as image swaps, rejections, or suggesting images that didn’t pass my consideration. I will always confirm the final design with you for approval before sending everything in for printing and binding.
  • Do we need to provide you with a meal at our wedding?
    Yes, please. It’s a long hard day and by the time dinner starts my tank is usually empty. With that in mind, a meal for me and my second photographer is kindly requested. Please treat me like a guest and have me seated accordingly; this will help me to spring into action as quickly as possible whenever I sense that a great wedding moment is about to occur.
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